Diane Fiedler is a fine artist, illustrator, designer and art educator.

 I am a fine artist, designer, illustrator and art educator. I have worked in studio & commercial arts, community arts & events, teaching, and writing.   

     My exhibition design clients include MIT’s The Broad Institute (human genome) and the Boston Children’s Museum.  My corporate design clients includeFidelity Investments, WGBH, Sheraton Hotels, Gillette, Fisons and AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals. I have had my whimsical illustrations published in the Boston Globe, nationally as greeting cards & wrapping, and as an online interactive webisode for Planned Parenthood of New York.
    My courses at the Tufts University Experimental College are studio art courses held in a biology lab, where we explore the intersections of popular science, art & science history, and art making for non-specialists.
    I have taught Adult Ed painting classes in the evenings for 13 years in many of the Boston area art centers, with lessons focused on intermediate to advanced watercolor instruction. I produce and maintain private commercial websites where my students can display and use their portfolios of artworks they have created.
         My non-profit fundraising experience focuses on community engagement in group art installations; additionally, I have co-chaired a dance institute fundraiser in association with the Baryshnikov Art Center.  
         My own fine artworks focus on science-art journaling and oversized nature and landscape watercolor installations in active bodies of water.
    My paintings have recently traveled to Greenland and Nunavut, Canada for installation in glacial waters.  In 2015 they traveled with explorer/author Milbry Polk on expedition with the tour company Adventure Canada, who later exhibited them at the Explorer’s Club in NYC in association with their 2015 Polar Film Festival.   In 2012 my other artworks were photographed as an arctic art installation in Ililussat Bay by the Chasing the Light Expedition, following the 1869 path of Romantic painter William Bradford, and carrying the flags of the Canadian Royal Geographic Society, the Explorer’s Club and in association with the New Bedford Whaling Museum.
     I am learning to write code for microcomputer Arduinos to use in art installations and incorporating (electrically) conductive paint into my arctic paintings about seals and oil rigs in the Arctic
         I keep active social media sites for all my teaching, art, & design activities on LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram, tumblr, Facebook and eblogger (focusing on intersections of science & contemporary art).


Fiedler moved to Boston's Historic Fort Point Channel in 1980 where she has had a live/work studio ever since. She is a long-standing member of FPAC, has opened her studio several times during FPAC Open Studio events in the early 90’s, and participated in the Open Studios Group Show in Fall 2013. Her artwork is principally representational watercolors and drawings, focusing on nature and climate change. She has shown in Massachusetts and Ohio, where she has been acquired by private collectors. Fiedler maintains private websites for use by herself and her adult and university student communities. She has several portfolios on tumblr, and has helped promote Fort Point Channel art events on her twitter feed.

Recently, Fiedler was a collaborating artist with the Chasing the Light Expedition, which sailed along the western coast of Greenland, in collaboration with the New Bedford Whaling Museum and under the flags of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and the Explorer’s Club. There, with the help of a native hunter, expedition artists photographed and filmed Fiedler’s large scale climate change artworks, which were burned on beaches or set afloat in glacial waters.

Fiedler’s art courses have been offered in Boston in art and science centers including Tufts University, Boston’s Museum of Science, the Decordova Museum, Maud Morgan Arts, Concord Arts Association, and overseas at the Island Center for the Arts in Skopelos, Greece. Fiedler teaches her Tufts Experimental College courses in the undergraduate biology lab, incorporating the research of university scientists. There students observe and/or use diverse materials such as broken solar panels, skulls, live research frogs, squid ink, and fire to create journals, drawings and paintings. Students learn observational skills, art history, issues of data visualization & perception, and trends in contemporary nature & climate change art.

Fiedler’s design clients include AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Gillette, WGBH-TV, Fidelity Investments, and Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art. She has created exhibition designs, in collaboration with Agoos D-zines, for the human genome’s Broad Institute of MIT/Harvard and the Boston Children’s Museum.

Fiedler’s nature and whimiscal illustrations have appeared online, on greeting cards/stationery, in university textbooks, magazines, and children’s readers for clients including Planned Parenthood of NYC, Harcourt Brace, Silver Burdett Ginn, ITP International, CK Media and the Boston Globe.

Fiedler is a graduate of Harvard University with Honors with BA in Visual and Environmental Studies, where she worked with Jim Dow, Flora Natapoff, Will Reimann, and Dmitri Hadzi. She is currently learning monoprinting with members of the Mixit Studios, and interactive installation artworks using Arduino microprocessors at Artists’ Asylum.

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