The Broad Institute ( Human Genome Project, MIT & Harvard ) 2010  

In colllaboration with Agoos D-zine,  I designed permanent educational exhibits about the human genome for the lobby of The Broad Institute, MIT & Harvard. The first is a giant sculpture/mobile showing mammals which have had their genomes sequenced up to 2010, including hanging systems reflected phylogenetic trees/evolutionary relationships.  The second is a group of iconic hand-held objects, which are emblematic of historical advances in genomic science, and are used on a Microsoft Surface “touch table”, these objects launch educational articles about the history of genomic science.

Boston Children’s Museum 100th Anniversary Celebration 2013  

Educational/sculpture interior window exhibit at the Boston Children’s Museum, C is for Clamp was created by invitation of the Collections Dept. of the BCM, highlighting their natural history collection of rare bird eggs. On view for one year as part of the museum’s 100th birthday celebration; created with Agoos D-Zine.  Although it was created as a temporary exhibit, it has remained a Museum favorite and is still on display.